non profit - foster well

Our Programs - Care, Connect, Community

Care Teams

Volunteers provide monthly support for foster families for a minimum of one year. This includes individuals from the Care Team getting together with the foster family at least once a month to bring practical items like a meal or clothes, as well as spending time connecting through activities. 

The goal: Instead of foster families feeling alone in their work, they will be connected to a larger community that is showing up both practically and relationally. Children in foster care will be shown love in tangible ways and there will be a  consistent message communicated that they are seen and are valuable. Individuals who do not foster will have a way to support and care for those in the foster care community. 

Community Events

Foster Well partners with local businesses to host community events that are free for foster families. 

The goal: Foster families will feel seen and supported by the larger community around them. 

Connect Mentoring

Coming in 2020 - A mentor will be matched with a foster teen or a young adult who has aged out.  The goal is to help make the transition to adulthood easier by providing them with practical and emotional support.